Monday, May 22, 2006


First Meeting Facts

Absolutely fascinating how a presidentially appointed panel works:

In closed session from 9:00 a.m. to 9:45 the panel received an ethics briefing, a Federal Advisory Committee Act briefing and a briefing on travel policy. The meeting opened to the pubic and the panel then circled the room with self-introductions, followed by a brief intermission to await the arrival of Energy Sec'y Bodman for remarks and swearing in. This was followed by the obligatory National Math Panel Photograph (really about a dozen) and the individual signing and notorizing of Appointment Affidavits by each panel member.

Finally at 10:45, the panel got down to business with a morning session that included initial comments by Larry Faulkner, Panel Chair and Camilla Benbow, Panel Vice Chair; a very well crafted and humorous presentation by Deputy Sec'y Ray Simon of the Dept of Education providing the Department's perspective, a tag-team presentation by Diane Jones and Martha Snyder from the White House; and the NSF perspective by Deputy Direction Kathie Olsen.

Things finally got going at about 11:15 when IES's Russ Whitehurst and National Institute of Child Health and Human Development's Dan Berch opened discussion of the President's charge to the panel by providing initial perspectives on the meaning of:

a. the critical skills and skill progressions for students to acquire competence in algebra and readiness for higher levels of mathematics;
b. the role and appropriate design of standards and assessments in promoting mathematical competence;
c. the processes by which students of various abilities and backgrounds learn mathematics;
d. instructional practices, programs, and materials that are effective for improving mathematics learning; and
e. the training, selection, placement, and professional development of teachers of mathematics in order to enhance students' learning of mathematics.
Each of the five topics engendered brief panel discussion.

Following lunch, the panel went from 1:40 to 2:40 on the subject of next steps, finally agreeing to constitute 4 task groups:
- Conceptual knowledge and skills
- Learning processes
- Instructional practices
- Teachers

The panel then adjourned leaving staff to follow-up on task group preferences and appointments and next meetings.

First meeting perceptions of PanelWatcher to follow.

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